What is CamRIG?

CamRIG is the first set of tools for 3D artists I’m proud to share with you. These rigs are production proved and once you try them, you fall in love with them. The principle is quite basic but not known/used enough: “mimic the reality” even for your cameras. These rigs try to mimic as close as possible a real life camera behavior using the same pivot points as real cameras. See the video above showing all this good stuff.

We used those rigs in our end-of-study short and I can tell you that it saved us a lot of time. Click here to watch Insert Coin, our end-of-study short.

Rigs are available for 3ds max in 2 versions. One with a standard Free Camera, the other with a v-ray camera. I plan to release other versions for other 3d packages soon. Feel free to send me your animations made with those rigs or to comment/suggest improvements.

UPDATE october 9 2014: CamRIG is now available for Maya!

Note: As these are only scenes you have to merge, 2012 versions should work on max 2013 and 2014 without issues.

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