Trolls’ Secret

The Project

Trolls’ Secret is an interactive escape game taking place in Dubuisson’s Brewery Museum: Beerstorium.

Dubuisson’s Brewery is the oldest belgian brewery and one of their most famous beer is probably the “Cuvée des Trolls”.

When entering the museum, visitors are welcomed by a Troll who will ask them to collect hop. The Trolls are tiny little jokers, they love hop a lot. They will do anything possible to make the visitors collect more and more hop before revealing their biggest secret.

I’ve been asked to lead the whole 3D process for this project. My partner in crime, Sebastien Squevin, did all of the modeling and texturing.

The client also asked us to have the trolls printed in medium size figures for their restaurant. There’s a picture of the printed troll below.

What I did

  • Lead 3D
  • Characters and props  Rigging/skinning
  • Characters and props animation
  • Lighting/Rendering/Compositing

The Crew

Some pictures of the project