AM Class 1 Week 8 Assignment

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Starting to learn walk-cycle this week. It will be split in two weeks. This week I only had to make a stepped animation.



Here comes the revision of last week’s shot.


AM Class 1 Week 7 Assignment

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It’s crazy to think it’s already week 7, almost 2 months of AM learning have past! This week was awesome! We had to choose between animating a one  leg ball jumping or animating Tailor, a ball with a tail. I choose the second one and here’s my animation:

And here is my planning sketch, for one time it’s good enough to be readable… I hope!


Bouncing Taylor Planning

AM Class 1 Week 5 Assignment

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This week was the Stretch & Squash week. We had to animate a ball through an obstacle course and we also had to recreate a pose with Stu showing a “devastated” state.


AM Class 1 Week 3 Assignment

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It’s already my third week following Animation Mentor’s school. We had to sketch a character showing “Excitement” and to recreate it using Animation Mentor’s rig: Stu. For this week we also had to make a bouncing ball animation.

Here’s what I came up with:


Pose of Animation Mentor's Character Stu in an Excited pose

And here comes the revision:


Animation Mentor starting this fall!

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It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been studying Maya for a few months now and I applied to Animation Mentor last July. I just have a few papers to send and I’ll be ready for 18 months full of animation! I’ll surely post some animations done there. I also got a small tutorial coming in few weeks on camera animations! Banner

Insert Coin Public Release

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Yes here it comes, after a little month polishing and editing the last parts of the short it is finally released on the web! You can like, dislike, comment, add to your bookmarks or whatever you want to do with it!

For more informations only one link:!

Credits: Alisson Thiébaut, Beucler Louis, Garcia Tunon Nicolas, Mathieu Tiger (sound-design & music).


It has been an incredible team experience with a lot of laughs, a lot of work too and I’ll never thank my two partners in crime enough for having worked without trouble. The team has been linked during the whole project and that’s the most important in order to build great things!

Insert Coin – Portfolio link