CamRIG is now available for Maya

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CamRIG for Maya

CamRIG is a set of tools for 3D artists. CamRIG comes in 3 different camera rigs: a simple tripod with bank control, a crane rig and an inversed target camera rig. I first made them for 3ds Max, and you can now use them in Maya! They are designed to work the exact same way as in max. Check the video to learn more or simply go to the download page to get them.

AM Class 4 Week 12 – Review

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This term was going so fast, I didn’t had any time to post on my blog! As the polishing of the previous shot isn’t that good enough to be shown here, here’s the animation breakdown of our first full lip sync animation. This last animation isn’t completely finished (but you know, animation never gets finished). So I have still a lot of work on it!

AM Class 2 Week 9 – Blocking Plus

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Hi all,

It’s been a while since my last post, didn’t got the time to wrote any line for a couple of weeks. I’ve got some little animations to show so here we go:

First lets start with the polishing stage of the previous animation:

And here’s the new one, blocking stage:

AM Class 1 Week 12 Final Review

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This is the end of first class at Animation Mentor, time is going really fast. For this week, we just had to review all our work done this class, polishing some stuff, compiling everything in a single movie. I tweaked some shot and rendered everything so you get a nice clean review of the work done so far and yet so more to learn for the next 15 months.

Now Winter Break for two weeks, AM starts back in january, maybe I’ll have some time to port CamRig in maya or to develop some personal projects.

AM Class 1 Week 11 Assignment

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We’re now close to the end of the first class, one week left! This week was quite harder than the others. We had to finish the “Ballie walking with personality” animation. I wanted to make it feel a bit heavy, walking and  whistling in the street.

For this week we also had to pose Stu communicating a feeling of a character in balance.


Stu Pose Balance

AM Class 1 Week 10 Assignment

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A lot of work for this week. We had to block Ballie walking with personality, we also had to adjust the vanilla walk for the revision and finally we had to pose stu communicating an exhausted feel.



Pose Stu Exhausted

CamRIG – rigs to animate your 3D cameras

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Hi all!

I’ve got something great to share with you.  I hope you’ll be pleased. It’s something about cameras. I see too many cool animations killed by a crappy camera animation. I also know that animating a camera in a 3d package is something really hard, … and boring too!

What can I do for this?

CamRig with logo
CamRig with logo

Well, while working on different projects, I realized how simple it could be to animate a 3D camera in a more realistic way by just animating it like in real life! It turned out that pivot points are crucial in order to achieve a cool cam animation. So what I basically did is rigging cameras like we use them in real life and guess what? You can use them for free for any of your project! Isn’t it cool?

Want to learn more? Go to this dedicated page : see CamRIG in action!