Hey, I recently posted a little demo of the “Minidocs visite interactive” app I worked on at Belle Productions. The project was driven by Jerôme Laurent for the French Red Cross. The app uses Augmented Reality and is aimed to guide small children during common medical interventions. When finding and scanning QR codes, a 3D puppet nurse shows up and gives explanations about the room, the tools or the medical people surrounding the child.

Les Minidocs – Visit from OnlyQuads on Vimeo.

AWT official

Website update

Hey all! It’s been quite a while since my last blog post. Just wanted to mention that I updated my portfolio with a new project: a Duesenberg Car modeling. I started this project during the 3ds max lessons I gave. My student wanted to learn 3D, he loves cars so, he went for a sport car, I went to this vintage car to show him how to model and to deal with complexe parts. Didn’t want to make it realistic with scratches etc, I just wanted a clean nice render.



Be sure to check the whole project here.

CamRIG is now available for Maya

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CamRIG for Maya

CamRIG is a set of tools for 3D artists. CamRIG comes in 3 different camera rigs: a simple tripod with bank control, a crane rig and an inversed target camera rig. I first made them for 3ds Max, and you can now use them in Maya! They are designed to work the exact same way as in max. Check the video to learn more or simply go to the download page to get them.

AM Class 4 Week 12 – Review

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This term was going so fast, I didn’t had any time to post on my blog! As the polishing of the previous shot isn’t that good enough to be shown here, here’s the animation breakdown of our first full lip sync animation. This last animation isn’t completely finished (but you know, animation never gets finished). So I have still a lot of work on it!

AM Class 2 Week 9 – Blocking Plus

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Hi all,

It’s been a while since my last post, didn’t got the time to wrote any line for a couple of weeks. I’ve got some little animations to show so here we go:

First lets start with the polishing stage of the previous animation:

And here’s the new one, blocking stage:

AM Class 1 Week 12 Final Review

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This is the end of first class at Animation Mentor, time is going really fast. For this week, we just had to review all our work done this class, polishing some stuff, compiling everything in a single movie. I tweaked some shot and rendered everything so you get a nice clean review of the work done so far and yet so more to learn for the next 15 months.

Now Winter Break for two weeks, AM starts back in january, maybe I’ll have some time to port CamRig in maya or to develop some personal projects.